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History of irish dancing


1. The history of Irish dancing

2. The different dance in Ireland

3. The music that accompanies the dances

4. The dancers' costumes

5. Conclusion


  • Appears in the time of druids and celts
  • First forms : Gestures of adoration of trees, animals
  • In Ireland, dance is very important and popular
  • 17è siècle : The beginning of solo or group dances
  • 18è siècle : Apparition of "Masters of dancing"

The square dance :

- Four couples arranged in square
and they change their position

Ceili Dance :
- A folk dance
- Dance by couples

Dansing Sean Nos :
- Performed in solo
- Freedom of movement of the arms

Step Dance :
- In group or alone
- Feet and legs in movement
- Upper body : rigid


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