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Today we are going to talk about Australain geography and Australian animales

Where is Australia ?

Australia is on Oceania in South Emisphere. It is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific ocean. And the Coral Sea. Where the great barrier reef is located.

What makes up Australia?

It is composed of 6 states: Northen territory, queensland, New south wales, Victoria, South australia and Western australia. And 10 territory. This capital is Canberra and the largest city is Sidney. Ther are twelve millions people in australia

The Koala

koalas are herbivorous animals that feed on eucalyptus because it feeds and hydrates them.

It is an endangered species because of the fires that ravage Australia and burn hectares of eucalyptus forest so they can feed less and less and they live between 13 and 20 years


the kangaroo is also herbivorous. its diet varies according to the species. babies stay in their mother's pocket for 9 months and live between 12 and 25 years

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Montessuy Arwen and Anaïs Da Silva Novais 5°4