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You can select the day you want to see the interventions by clicking on the "agenda" icon.

You can see the list of your work orders with the creation date and a progress indicator on the right.


There are two settings displayed:

  • Lock zoom: activate it to disable app zoom on screen using 2 fingers.

  • Left handed: activate it to adapt the mobile app to left handed people.

By clicking on the + button at the bottom of the main page, you can create a new work order

Create a work order

- The name can be what you want, using only alphabetical characters, numbers, - and _ (no space or other special characters are allowed)

- Clicking on "Add" will create it.


When you open a work order, you can see the list of pictures required for that job, with a description of how it should look like.

You can click on the ">" for each task group (=picture) to expand it and see the list of tasks that will be checked on this image.


The blue camera icon allow you to take a photo for that specific task group

The icon on the far left allow you to open the gallery of your phone.

The "x" on the top right allow you to go back to the previous page.

The camera option on the left must be chosen to take a new photo.

You can click on this icon to take a photo.


The photo is not valid, you can retake the photo.

The photo is valid, the task is finished and you can click on "done".

If the result of the AI analyse is not correct, you can click on this button to edit the result and write the correct value.


You can see here that the first photo was provided.
The progress on top was also updated.
To finish the work order, the remaining photos must be uploaded.

Overall progress of the work order.

The status for each required photo: uploaded or not.

Progress of the task-group

Now that you know the main information of the Customer API, let's do a little quizz !