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Monday, March 04



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respond Mask as read

oh I didn't see the ....

Vanessa, you don't know what I saw this morning; Yungblud in a teddy bear costume in his last concert, that was so funny.
But apparently, it's fake news so I'm kinda sad because you know, that could be so funny if in his next concert he do "god save me, but don't drown me out" in this costume.
What do you think about this?

oh no, Dominic is so funny! I don't think it's fake because I saw the same article in Facebook yesterday, and that was from his manager, David.

Vanessa, it's a deep fake video, he never wears that costume.

that's not funny at all, it's super dangerous to copy the head of someone. Who does that? I'm not happy about that. I'm scared now, imagine I can't have a job interview because someone copy my face and do something bad, like killing people. Really you need to be crazy for doing something like that.

oh I didn't see the fake news like that.