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12 ANGry men



Film poster

12 Angry Men


Opening scene

Scene 2

Camera movements

Scene 3

The Jurors

A lesson in Staging

Debate Techniques

Practise your writing

Quiz time!


Film poster

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Study the film poster, paying particular attention to :

1. the structure and position of the different elements (title, subtitles, characters, ...)
2. the colors used and their symbolism
3. the text (typography and information it gives).

When you have finished studying the text and without any further information, try and make a summary of the film.


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Compare the four film posters (original film and adaptations) and find the common points and the differences. Explain what it changes for the spectators before they watch the film.

Camera movements

Work on the video and learn about the different camera movements, their names and their utility.
Take notes on the different techniques.


Opening Scene

  • Give as many elements as possible on the places (=where?)
  • Say what impressions are conveyed by the camera filming the building.
  • Comment on the different characters (=who?)
  • Give elements on the moment of the trial (=when?)
  • Explain the case : what is at stake?
  • Observe the judge's attitude: how does he act during the scene?
  • Report on the camera movements and the music used during this film opening scene.

Watch the beginning of the film (00.00 to 03.04) and give the following elements:

Scene 2 (03.00 to 10.00)

  • What important instructions does the judge give to the jurors as they depart to deliberate on the case?
  • What is the weather like? What effect does it produce?
  • What is the guard's role? What for?
  • You can hear the word 'foreman'. What do you think it means?
  • What does the foreman suggest they do?
  • Why are they eager (=impatient) to start?
  • Why are there only men in the room? What does it tell of the 1950's American society?

The Deliberation Room

Scene 3 (10.00 to 15.00)

  • Give details about the accused and the victim.
  • What is the result of the preliminary vote?
  • What are the consequences?
  • What are the reasons for Juror 8's vote?
  • What do we know about the jurors?

The twelve jurors agree to have a preliminary vote.

The jurors

Gather information about the jurors.
Be very observant! A quiz will be asked to you about the whole film when you have finished its study.


Further Understanding

To help you understand the film better, you can complete the documents 'Extracts worksheet' and 'notes about the jurors'.

Watch the video and fill in the blanks in the text.

Copy the completed text in your copybook.


Practise your writing skills!

Now that you have studied the different posters and the film itself, write a short commentary on this picture.
1. Introduce it
2. Describe it
3. Analyse it

The Jury, Norman Rockwell - Feb. 14th, 1959

Get ready for debate!

Analyse each video and take notes on the debate techniques

You will have to use these techniques in a further debate.

Video 1 : list the 4 steps to change someone's mind.

Video 2 : name the 8 different tips for a successful debate.

Video 3: what game is debating compared to? what pieces of advice are given?

Video 4: expose why it is sometimes useful to 'build a bridge' during a debate.

Video 5: name the reasons why we may change our minds when debating.

Kahoot! quiz

Make revisions on all the film's information and get ready to answer a quiz about 12 Angry Men.
Let's test your memory!

Make sure you have downloaded the 'Kahoot!' app and created an account.

The end.