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Goal 2 zero hunger


Firstly, nice that you seem so bored that you randomly scan QR codes at school.

You are probably wondering where you ended up here.

Well, this is a kind of digital escape room, you have to find certain clues, and from these clues you get a password, which you can use to get to the next room.

Your goal is to reach the schoolyard and solve the end quiz to escape.

If you need help in each room there will be a yellow lightbulb in the top left corner where you can find hints, and below that is a question mark in red so that if you get stuck at all you can look at the password.

The whole escape room will be about the Sdgs (sustainable development goals) or more precisely about goal 2 zero hunger.

Here is your first password: Goal2

ps. You can of course just cheat, we wouldn't find out anyway, but it destroys the whole concept


Don't press the lock button too early

Man made conflicts

Economic downturns

COVID-19 pandemic

(look statistic on the left)

In this room you will find some hidden sentences, you have to decide how they are connected with goal 2 (consequences, rules,... etc.)

Remember your answer and the terms for later!!!

What are these terms?

Hint: They're not the consequences.

Your password for the next room is: reasons

Climate change

Well done!

So this is a multiple choice question, when you read the informations due this point carefully, then this will be easy for you to answer.

The two numbers that stands in front of the right answer are the last two digits of the password that lead to the next room.

What is the total target of goal 2 zero hunger?

25) End 75 percent of the world hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

56) End the world hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition.

30) End the world hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Goal 2: zero hunger

(It has in total 8 targets and 13 indicators.)

Target one is composed to the indicators: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

So, actually the whole targets of the goal have the function to promote the first target. For that reason the first target is often called right after the name (Goal2 zero hunger: end hunger achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.)

Which one of these pictures you think stands for goal 2 zero hunger? The number after the right answer is the first digit of the password.

Red: 5

Yellow: 2

Green: 1

Dark yellow: 9

Count how many j´s you can find in the definition of the third target. The number is the second digit of your password.

Indicator 2.3.1 is the volume of production per labour unit by classes of farming/pastoral/forestry enterprise size

The password for the next room is: 2030

So here is a hint: Make sure you noticed every element in the room, some are hidden. and to solve one you have to study a other one.

Good job! Dont forget to remember your answer!

(381 million) The majority of people suffering from hunger is in asia

2019- one in ten children is exposed to food insecurity

Look at the top right corner of the room;)

Your password is: food insecurity

In this room you will find the password in one of the informations, (it´s purple and big underlined). I really recommend to read the informations even, when you have already found the password, because you will need them for the end quiz!!!

The food insecurity is measured by spot checks in the population.

Here you can find a map that shows the food insecurity:


Keep on going, you almost did it!

It's time for a simple question, before you have too defeat the end boss.

Do you recognize which land this is? Well that's your password:)

Come on, you don't know what land this is?! Think again, I believe in you!

Your password is germany.

The country you see below is Nigeria and is among other lands one of the most affected places. Germany is relative stable in this regard.

It´s not like Germany does nothing, the BMZ for example is a economy cooperation to aid the SDGs (and therefore also goal 2)

Here comes the endboss!


Tank yu! Tulaliloo ti amo!