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Clergue Lara - Weyrich Thomas

Amber Junior Carter, 19 years old student, is the captain of Bruins’ American football team. As the best player and the daughter of Amber Kohn, a retired American football champion, she has a strong competitive mind and refuses to lose games. Everything seems perfect for Amber Jr, good results, captain, winning games, but the reality is really different. Amber Jr’s mom has a lot of expectations for her and puts a huge pressure on her shoulders. Amber Jr does her best, but it’s never enough for her mom. And her dad ? He tries to be there, but he does not have the right to contest Amber on her daughter's education. Even if it’s hard for Amber Jr, she tries to catch up. But, one day, there is this match against the Duke Blue Devils that marks the end of Amber Jr’s career. In fact, she gets badly injured to the point where she needs a medical amputation of her right leg. All the family is devastated and Amber is more than disappointed. The change of atmosphere wasn’t bearable anymore and Amber Jr’s parents ended up getting divorced.

For her next birthday following her injury, Georges, Amber Jr’s dad, buys her a brand new computer. She hardly gets into it, lacking interest at first. But after some time, she discovers Valorant and her competitive mindset comes back! She meets a lot of new people that will rhythm her new life . Between love and competition, Amber Jr’s path will be full of twists and turns.


American Football

Esport (Valorant)

Martin Larsson - Rekkles


Impactful Topics


Main character


Peer Pressure



Slice of life

Amber Junior - Girl = Another side of eSport

Why would people care ?

The characters

Amber Kohn

Amber Junior Carter

Georges Carter

Aaron McKenny

Arnot Gurckeit

Their desires

Professional Valorant Player

Working woman

Wants his daughter happy

Wants his team to succeed

Who cares ?

Discover of Amber Jurnior's Life
(good side)

Esport career, competitive mindset, Valorant

Match + injury

New computer from her dad

Depression, Sadness phase

(bad side)

Dissolution of the family

Obstacles - Highlights - Phases