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wall street



plan/ situation

You just arrived as a new trader at Wall Street (NYC).

4.5 M Dollars were stolen during the night by the Anonymous Collective and you need to find it before Mr.Belfort (your boss) comes back from holidays.

Your mission: With the help of your colleagues make all the calculations necessary to find the value of the stock market and trap Mrs Kiwi.

learning objectives

Be able to apply the Discount-Dividend Model to calculate stock value

Identify the current dividend level

Identify the cost of equity

Identify the growth rate

Map the links between all those variables in order to calculate the stock value

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type of players



Those motivated by Rewards. They will do what is needed of them to collect rewards from a system. They are in it for themselves.

Those motivated by Relatedness. They want to interact with others and create social connections.

area for improvement

1st year students: Create a balance between students who already has some knowledge regarding finance with those who do not. They must be on the same level if we do not want too many students to be left on the side.

Peer Learning: Becomes a necessity if there is a gap in knowledge regarding students, they should learn from each other, which leads to put them in pairs.

Accompagny: We've noiticed that we might be TOO present during their learning process and we should reconsider how autonomous they can be during these sessions.

decision-making: An important factor that should be witnessed through the making of activities during sessions and target students' ability to take decisions.

Asymetrical peer learning


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