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Foundation 5 :

Reliable Data

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Data Reliability

Data: raw element representing information (number, reference, instruction, ...).

Reliable data allows analysis to be valuable and the right decisions to be made.

Security and safety of information

Attitudes to be adopted

Participants of the box

Management commitment


Reliable Data

Symmetry of Considerations


The participants:

All of us Michelin employees.

Attitudes to be adopted

Rigorous data entry: the quality of the data will allow good exploitation.
Rigor of interpretation: attention to the reliability of the measurement, the statistical rules, and the meaning of the data.

Having reliable analytical data allows you to make the right decisions. We can talk about quality data when the following 4 characteristics are met:

1. Complete data: you have complete information on the characteristics of your customers, products in progress, final products...

2. Available data: you have quick and easy access to the data you need, and the different departments of your company can also find the answers to their questions.

3. Up-to-date data: this means regular cleaning, as well as updating profiles... otherwise you are making decisions based on factors that have become obsolete.

4. Usable data: filling in fields incorrectly, misspellings, typos, incorrect abbreviations... good data means resolving these issues and keeping the terminology in check.