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Foundation 3 :


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Develop your skills

Professional and Behavioral skills are necessary to work every day.

I am trained and qualified to do my job.

Useful definitions

Attitudes to be adopted

Participants of the box

Management commitment

Symmetry of Considerations


The participants:

All of us Michelin employees.

Attitudes to be adopted

The Quality mindset is to be customer-oriented.
Being Customer-Centric: I understand the interest of my activities towards the customer.
It is to adopt the Sensqual behaviors => for the industry
The Quality spirit is also to aim for the right thing.

The rapid evolution of professions and the necessary skills push each employee to maintain his knowledge, know-how, and skills at the best level to remain effective in his job.

The expected level of quality is defined for each job and is adapted according to the evolution of each profession, and each job context.

This also allows for securing the employees in their employability, inside the company but also outside the company.

For this, tools are available to discover new skills and develop.


Knowledge is simply all the knowledge acquired through training, literature, or experience.


Know-how is practice. It is the application of knowledge, the ability to put knowledge into action in the context of a profession.

Soft skills

Soft skills are the attitudes adopted in a professional context. Soft skills are linked to your values and your personal and behavioral qualities. These are skills that we do not learn at school, but which are part of who we are thanks to our education (courtesy, emotional intelligence, generosity...). These qualities are necessarily reflected in the way we work. They are an essential complement to "knowledge" and "know-how".

To hold a position, you need both professional and behavioral skills.

Examples of behavioral skills are:

- Customer orientation

- Impact and influence

- Analytical thinking.

Examples of professional skills:

- Focus on quality standards

- Quality management system

- Instructional design and development