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Belvedere Castle
Envisioned by Central Park co-designer Calvert Vaux in 1869, this architectural gem sits atop Vista Rock, offering visitors sweeping views of the Park and its cityscape. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery—“belvedere” translates to “beautiful view” in Italian—along with fascinating details about the whimsical Castle, colorful pavilions, spacious plaza, and the rocky outcropping, while immersing yourself in the site’s rich history

Rent a boat and adventure out onto the Lake.

Get a closer look at the historic boat landings that line the water’s edge, or paddle around and enjoy views of Bow Bridge and Bethesda Terrace. The Lake encircles part of the Ramble, a 36-acre woodland restored by the Conservancy, which is home to lots of birds and other wildlife.

Rowboats and gondolas are available for rent at the Loeb Boathouse.

You can also steer radio- and wind-powered model boats across Conservatory Water’s glassy surface, for rent at the adjacent Kerbs Boathouse.* (In the winter, this spot occasionally opens for ice skating!)

The Ravine

Park designers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux designed woodland landscapes to provide urban dwellers access to nature in the middle of a growing city. Inspired by upstate landscapes such as the Catskills and the Adirondacks, they hoped that those who could not afford a vacation to these places would be able to enjoy nature closer to home. Even though the Ravine looks natural, it was designed and built, like the rest of the Park. Marking the entrances to the Ravine on both sides are impressive combinations of rustic stone arches and cascades: Glen Span Arch and cascade and on the west side and Huddlestone Arch and cascade on the east side.