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animal crossing quiz

Which animal crossing inhabitant are you ?


1-What is your favorite color ?





2-What is your favorite hobbie ?





3-Who animal are you ?





4-What personality defines you the most ?





5-What object would you choose ?





6-What house will you choose ?

7-If you ended up on an island what would you do ?

-Go to shopping


-Look for going home

-To go for a walk


-If most of your answers are:

: that means you are Bigoudi You are very calm, you always manage to keep your cool. You are a very creative person who always wants to be active, you are also sociable and listening to others what makes you a golden friend .


-If most of your answers are:

: that mean you are Didi. You are a shy person, reserved and very calm which makes you a bit of a ghost. You are immersed in reading when possible and you are a person very organized who knows where she wants to go.



-If most of your answer are:

:it means you are swel You are a very very very narcissistic person who thinks only about their image.You are also a selfish person who only thinks of themselves and not of their family or friends.

Roswell .

-If most of your answers are:

: This means that you are You are a very restless person who does not remain calm at all, which does not mean that you never have a break. You are very very very athletic who never misses any training and who is always on the lookout.