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One of the particularity of hawaii volcanos ational park is lava lake in the middle of a crater.


This park is located in United States in state of Hawaii. It was created on the 1st august 1916. This park is national because it is a territory and a natural space where the landscapes, the biodiversity, [...], are recognized as exceptional by the scientific community. In addition of that this park is also recognized by the UNESCO because it's a cultural and a natural property that present an exceptional interest for common humanity heritage.

In Hawaii volcanos national park there are also bubbling waters due to magma flows.

In the national park of Hawaii, there is also the Thurston lava tunnel, wich is located on the slopes of Kīlauea. It has been dicovered in 1933, it is accessible to tourists with, in particular, electric lighting and pedestrian facilities.

We can see in this park, arid basalt landscape, the basalt is a volcanic magnetic rock from a cooled magma.

In addition of arid basalt landscape, we can also see sulfur fumaroles:

The hot spot of Hawaii are one of the best known and the most studied on Earth. Hawaii's hot spot has created at least 129 volcanoes.

Certain areas of the national park are prohibited from access, for instance the Kilavea volcano which is prohibited from access because of the protective measures that have been installed. Its last eruption was on September 29, 2021.