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We are going to ask ourselves what are the positive and negative consequences of war ?

For this we will see :

Summary :

1. Introduction

2. Inconvenience

3. Benefit

4. Works

5. Conclusion

2 - inconvenience :

Many men forced to fight

No forms not trained so more chance to die

Many dead and wounded (Hacksaw ridge)

Many damage to the environment and many property damage

Obligation for some civilians to work in the factory to help the country

Consequences in the economic field

Being forced to hide (The diary of Anne Franck)

Hacksaw Ridge :

In this film :

we see the important of number of deaths and injuries.

andthe main character who is Andrew Garfield tries to save everybody.

The diary of anne franck :

In this film :

Anne Franck hides for fear of dying and living in very bad conditions.

3 - Benefits :

Need to conquer to have a stable country and economy

Stops the overgrowth of the population

Reconstruction and improvement of some buildings and building

Revocery of resources

Unification and solidarity of the population against the war (the moon is down)

Foundation of some alliance (OTAN in 1949)

There is still some good in man (Schindler's List)

the moon is down :

In this film :

we can see that the war allows the population to unite and fight the enemies and to face the contrainsts of the war together.

Schindler's list :

In this film :

we can see that thereare still some good things in some human beings as in this movie where a German entrepreneur managed to save 1200 Jews during the second xorld war.

Works :

2 books :

2 movies :

Conclusion :