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Women's Day



Women's Day is a day of gathering around the world for women to take stock of their situation. Groups and organizations prepare events that allow women to celebrate their achievements and make their demands heard.

Today, all women can vote, be elected and express themselves freely, but this is the result of a long struggle. Things have improved a lot, but unfortunately, some inequalities between men and women remain.
If we take the example of work and salary inequalities, we can see that women are mostly present in precarious and badly paid jobs. They are mainly present in jobs of first necessity, especially in the care sector, contrary to men who are much less present, yet these are essential jobs.

Some numbers to know:
-28.5% is what men earn more than women. The wage gap is 9%.
-78% of part-time jobs are held by women.
-Without forgetting in sports, inequalities are constantly changing, but a woman is 20% less likely to practice a physical activity than a man.

Women still have a long way to go. That's what this day is for. To unite, to help each other, and to finally overcome inequalities!