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Real-World Identity vs Digital Identity


Digital Identity

Digital identity is essentially any personal data existing online that can be traced back to the real you.
For example, photos you've uploaded to social media, posts you've created or commented on, your online bank account, search engine history… and yes, if you're a gamer, your Steam account, too.

The identity of a person or place is the characteristics they have that distinguish them from others.

Collins dictionary

Watch the video and answer the following questions


1. What is disturbing in this video?

2. What are their emotions? And why?

3.Where do all these information come from?

4. Comment the final quote:
" Alexa can't read your mind. Bad idea".

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Watch the video and fill in the mind map
What footprints has she left behind?


Passive or active digital footprints?
Can you pass the test?



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