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Make A Difference

today in studio FAITH

by Leonie Hoffmann

  • reading storys in the in the hospital on the children's station
  • play board games together
  • go into nature and take a walk
  • making music

What do we do?

Our concerns?

  • reduce the workload of the staff
  • to offer variety to the children
  • make us aware that we are important in the world

What means "FAITH"?

From Alone Into Their Home
- should show that we want to give the children a home
- Faith is one of the three basic principles, next to community and charity
- our slogan: Together not lonely !

Whats the story behind our project?

  • the sister of the projectleaders get ill
  • he visit her every day in the hospital
  • one day his classmates came with him
  • they recognized the potential of visiting sick kids in the hospital
  • this is how FAITH was developed


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