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Reality TV Show

Brainstorming : Goal ?

Opinion ?

Title ?

1)The goal of reality Tv shows is to...

2)I believe this is...

Entertain, make money, create happiness, ...

Fun, interesting, useless,...

1)Information about the Women ?

3)Results ? Brain ?

2)Methods ?

1)Information about the Women ?

3)Results ? Brain ?

2)Methods ?

There are two journalists : a science journalist and a pop culture journalist conducting a research about the impact of Tv reality shows on the human brain

They compared the activity of the journalist's brain with an FMRI (Functional magnetic resonance imaging)

They discovered that the parts of her brain associated with pleasure, anger and addiction were triggered by the vilain of the Tv show.

(§ 1): I personally did not watch any of the recent reality TV programs . To me, this is just another genre of TV no more or less intellectual than any other TV genre. David, UK

(§ 2): Reality TV, in my opinion, is a stepping stone for having better media and television services - so long live Reality TV! And poor Helen - I wanted her to win!!! Nick Dalby, Leeds, UK

(§ 3): Reality TV? Well if that is the future of television I think it is time to dump my TV into the garbage pit and go live on an island. Yeh that's what I will do!!!!!!! Bryan Buckman, Australia

(§ 4): I think it's great. I'm really happy Brian won. I love him - he is so funny and it's good for the gay community - Glenn Horlock, UK

(§ 5): Personally, as somebody who really doesn't watch a lot of TV, I got very quickly hooked on Big Brother. ..I think « like it or hate it », reality TV is here to stay - Deborah, UK

(§ 6): To be honest, I'm one of those few people who preferred Survivor. The first Big Brother was amazing, but the 2nd was just more of the same thing, but this time with the most annoying, obnoxious contestants, they all got on my nerves! - Yasin, United Kingdom

How to pitch a TV reality show

1) Group work : Pitch a reality TV show


Information ?


A friend of yours hesitates to join the show

1) Summarize the rules :

Obligation ? Prohibition ? Permission ?

2) Give your opinion

The Amish in the city

The Amish in the city

1) Should we promote this kind of TV reality shows ?

2) Would you watch it ? Would you fund it ?