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This transparent TV is a new idea to make your life easier. It moves easily, is not bulky and you will be proud to have this revolutionary object in your living room!

" I want novelty, and a special and innovative technology of which I am proud of its purchase "

" I want something light that can be easily carried "

" We need better picture quality and more real sound "

A constant need to innovate

This TV measures 55 inches (140 cm), its thickness is also surprising, measuring 5.57 mm.

All the electronics have been brought together in the base which acts as a sound bar with its 2 speakers of unprecedented quality.

The screen is made up of frames of pixels visible only up close.

5.57mm screen


on/off button

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the butterfly represents the rarity, lightness and unique beauty of technology.

This takes off like the innovation that develops in society and creates something poetic.

the screen seen up close

Unique down to the last detail

Our television has hidden capabilities followed by extensive development and research


In order to be certain of marketing a new top-of-the-range product that appeals to 100% of our customers, we have set up tests.

We tested this new process with 200 volunteers.

200 seduced

sound quality :

200 seduced

picture quality :

ease of use :

200 seduced


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If you don't like the transparent TV, I swear you'll get your money back, so you have no fear buying it.

Why 99 ?
Because the 1% is you

Your vision of comfort will be totally different and you won't be able to do without it.

I have provided you with all the proof that our new technology is the one you need.

price : 6130 $



Anna Guilluy