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Thomas Cromwell

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Thomas Cromwell

English lawyer and statesman of the 15th and the 16th centuries.

His early life

  • Born in 1485 in Putney, Surrey.
  • A drunk father
  • 2 sisters
  • Ancestor of Oliver Cromwell
  • Wife: Elizabeth Wyckes
  • 3 children

  • A great traveller
  • Spoke Latin, Italian and French
  • Soldier in France during the battle of Gargliano
  • Went to Italy after the French defeat

The beginning of his rise

Catholic bishop Thomas Wolsey

  • Came Back to England
  • Studied laws in England
  • Became more important in the society
  • Came Back to England
  • 1520 : serves the cardinal Thomas Wosley
  • 1529 : death of Cardinal Wolsey
  • Henri entered the Parliament

The great things he did

  • Gained the trust of the king
  • Became the main minister
  • Broke the alliance with the Pope and with Roma by making the king divorce with Catherine d'Aragon
  • 1540: became the Essex Count

King Henri VIII of England

His importance today

  • One of the most remarquable statesman in the British history.
  • Known as the great constructor of the Henrician religious reform
  • The founder of modern government

His brutal death

Died in July 28, 1540 by being decapitated.
arrested > parliament voted against him
(he can't defend himself )

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