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Who are they ?

  • internationally known music group

  • this band is made up of martin l.gore dave gahan andrew fletcher

in the group there are three members :

Martin L.Gore

Dave gahan

Andrew Fletcher

they come from basildon

Where do they come from ?

this is what it looks like :


in Basildon there is

144 308 Inhabitants


the first logo represents one of their album and the second represents their group name besides the name of the group comes from a French magazine called "depeche mode"

  • album

  • name of band

They have several logos here are 2 examples :

how many did they sell ?

  • the band has sold over 100 million records

how many albums did they make ?

  • they made 14 albums

here are three of their album


Enjoy The Silence-Depeche mode:

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