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1. What's the "Party Gate" ?


2. The Brits anger

3. Consequences in the UK

What's the "Party Gate" ?


  • May 2020
  • The UK was under containment due to COVID 19 crisis
  • Huge scandal involving Boris Johnson
  • Boris Johnson = UK Prime Minister
  • COVID measures violation
  • Not the first scandal in Johson's mandate

The "Party Gate"

The Brits Anger


72% = the British public helding an unfavorable view of Johnson

  • a record surpassing that of Theresa May
  • Because of :
    • Conservative Party
    • His talking way
    • Keeping fooling around (golfing, painting...)

Johnson's popularity

An unpardonable mistake

  • Drunk in a professional workplace under Covid restrictions
  • Unjustified gathering while people could not visit their family : Trisha Greehalgh and her dying mother (2020)
  • Traumatized memories of lost loved ones
  • Brits anger spreaded by videos and clips("I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here!”) 5 million views

"Party Gate" = The Final Straw

Political world's reaction

  • Prime minister defense
  • Attempt to explain the "Party Gate"

Support from the government but ....

... also anger spread by the opposition.

  • Key Starmer (Leader of opposition)
  • "Johson was either trashing the ministerial code or he's claiming he was repeatedly lied to by his own advisers, that he didn't know what was going on in his own house and his own office"

Consequences in the UK



  • Fines up to £50 -> participation and creation of these events, non-compliance with sanitary measures
  • Boris Johnson -> participation in at least 6 of these parties
  • Risk of a fine for Prime Minister

Loss of confidence

  • No more confidence from Member of Parliament -> "no confidence letter"
  • Already 20 "no confidence letters" angainst Boris Johnson (54 needed to call his place into questions)
  • Position and leardership are questioned
  • Less confidence from the Brits
  • Unable to represent his country



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