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Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary)
21 April 1926 in her grandparents'home in London. She is the queen of the United Kingdom, and the other commonwealth realms.


At birth, she was third in line to the throne after her uncle and her father. She spent her entire life in royalty. She and her sister were educated at home under the supervision of their mother and governess.So they don't have a university degree.

She became queen when her father, King George VI, died on February 6, 1952.
Since September 9, 2015, Elizabeth II has reigned longer than any other king or queen in UK history. She has also reigned longer than any other living king or queen in the world, since the death of King Rama IX of Thailand on October 13, 2016.


The Queen served in World War II

she notably played a vital role in keeping the nation upbeat and strong during the Battle of Britain in WWII.

She was credited with injecting vigor and vitality into the British monarchy.
At a time when monarchies around the world seem to be losing vigor and public appeal, Queen Elizabeth II has led the British monarchy on a path of continued relevance and impact.
Born in 1926, you could say the Queen has seen it all: World War II (WWII), the Korean War, the Cold War, the Falkland Islands War and early ones like the Brexit crisis. Despite all this, she showed nerves of steel to get her country out of quite difficult situations.

She is the longest-serving monarch in British history.
She has reigned for more than 70 years

she became the head of the Commonwealth Realms – a group of sovereign territories and protectorates which regard the Queen as the head of state.

How does she impact women's life today ?

Extremely popular for nearly all of her long reign, the queen is known for taking a serious interest in government and political affairs, apart from her ceremonial duties, and is credited with modernizing many aspects of the monarchy.
Today, Queen Elizabeth II is signing a new charter for the Commonwealth that supports gender equality and possibly gay rights, as well.

why did we choose it?

we choose her because she holds the record of being Britain's longest-serving monarch. But also because she helped her country a lot during difficult times. And because her favourite dogs are corgis