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But we find that nowadays "poor sleep" non affects more than 1 in 2 French People.

The Observatory reveals that 43% of French People have already consultera health professional for sleep problems. However, these consultations only lead to the resolution of the problem hall the time.The deterioration in the quality lf sleep has significant consequences on the daily lives of French People .
Néerlandais 65% suffer from them, whether physical .

lack of energy

heavy arms and legs

weaknesses in certain parts of the body

difficulty concentrating

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We all need a good night ’s sleep and bedtime can be a moment of grace for some and a dreaded passage for others .Sleep is fragile and is very often apprehended by many us.

.Our start-up called Darma offers you an answer in the forum of a connected cushion. Equipped with sensors and intented to take place on an office chair, this smart cushion could accurately measure the heart rate of the user and his breathing, as well as the position in which he is seated. From these indicators. In addition, it provides the user with a certain number of tips aimed at improvising their well-being via a mobile application, installed on a smartphone.

est. 2019

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Darma the connected cushion


est. 2019

the characteristics of this technology

Monitor your posture

Analizes your heart rate and respiratory rate

Measure your stress

These indiations are then analyzed by the application, wich is then responsible for issuing advice in order to allow its user to stay informed of the attitudes to be corrected in real time, for optimal well-being. To ensure the transfer of information between the cushion and the telephone, Darma uses Bluetooth technology.

Incorporating a good dose of technology, this cushion announces a one-month battery life is rechargeable by micro USB.

The team working behind the project plans to market it a 249 dollars to wich, of course, it will be necessary to provide for possible taxes and delivery cost.

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