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Food waste


1. why its important to fight for the global warming
2. graphic
3. objective
4 / 4.1 strategy
5. Poster * Slogan
6. Conclusion

- for the futur
- avoid melting ice
- avoid lost of biodiversity
- rising temperature
- bad consequences on public helth
- augmentation of storms, flood, drougth, hurricane

Global warming



elementary school

middle school

hight school

70 grams
30 grams

80 grams
40 grams

150 grams
75 grams

- serve oneself the meal alone
- people to come to sensitize


poster and slogan

Do not waste so much food because theire are people who are straving


Most people do not realize how often they waste food and the negtive impacts it can have for food security, the environment and the climate change.
In short, reducing food waste has a positive impact and could result in : more redistribution of food for the must vulnerable.

Andreia and Djan