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stop waste at the self-service

COLAS Océane
CORRE Mailys


global warming

Global warming is causing heat increases, this year heat waves have increased, these increases are causing heay-related illnesses ans causing more and more forest fires



Even floods

Food waste

food waste and very frequent in high school

  • Eleves qui gaspillent dans la vie
  • Eleves qui gaspillent au self

Do the students consume more at the cafeteria or at home ?

  • Adultent qui gaspillent
  • Adolescent qui gaspilleny

To avoid waste we must act :
- Limited quantities
- Take too loaves maximum
- Sort the waste after the meal
- Do not touch food if we are not going to take it

How to reduce waste in high school ?


Be eco-responsible in high school to save our planet and avoid global warming