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Frédéric François Chopin was a composer and virtuoso pianist. He was born in 1810 in Poland and died in 1849 in France. He is knows as one of the greatest composers from the Romantic period. Frédéric Chopin is also one of the most famous pianists of the 19th century.

His music is still one of the most widely performed and remains an indispensable part of the universal piano repertoire. Like Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, he invented the modern piano technique and influenced a whole line of composers among whom French composers Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel.

From the oldest to the youngest, from West to East, everyone knows the three of them were among the very best.

From the oldest to the youngest, from West to East, everyone knows the three of them were among the very best.

Julio Iglesias es un cantante pop español. Es el cantante latino que ha vendido más álbumes en el mundo.

Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007) was an Italian tenor who sang Pucini or Verdi operas. He's said to be the most loved tenor of all times. At the end of his career, he crossed over with popular music, singing for humanitarian causes with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Eros Ramazzotti, Bryan Adams, Mariah Carey, Jon Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Queen, U2, Sting, Elton John, Céline Dion, Barry White, James Brown, Zucchero, Dolores O'Riordan and...the Spice Girls. He sold over 100 million albums.

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Ludwig van Beethovena(1770-1827) fue un compositor, director de orquestra, pianista y profesor de piano alemán.

La Sinfonía n.º 9 en re menor, op. 125: Los dos últimos minutos de esta sinfonía se han arreglado como un himno para la Unión Europea.

Otra obra de Beethoven es también muy conocida. Para Elise o también llamada Para Therese WoO 59 (Für Elise o Für Therese, en alemán) es una bagatela para piano solo, compuesta en La menor.

Queen was a British rock band.The singer was Freddie Mercury. A biopic about him was released in 2018.

Bohemian Rhapsody, The Show Must Go On, We Will Rock You and and Don't Stop Me Know are among their most famous songs.

Mc Solaar est un chanteur français qui a popularisé le rap dans les années 90. Il est connu pour la qualité littéraire de ses textes. Quelques uns de ses titres: Solaar pleure, Bouge de là, Caroline, Sonotone, Hasta la vista.

Paco de Lucia es un guitarrista español, considerado el mejor guitarrista flamenco de todas las épocas también fue descrito como un cantante de jazz.

David Guetta est un DJ français, compositeur de musique électronique. En 2011, il était considéré comme le "DJ le plus populaire du monde".

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