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Instead of serving man, professional activity dominates him.

Clara Zetkin was not appreciated in society, she was a member of parliament and always debated on women's rights and always received mockery and stereotypes: "Women are not very intelligent..." or "women like to talk about nothing" but with a lot of determination she was able to be the first President of the Socialist Women's International. She created the 8th of March for supporting women and she make millions of women happy, and to celebrate this day she created the 8th of March in Germany but spread throughout the world after !

Clara Zetkin was born on 5 July 1957 and died on 20 June 1933, she was a teacher, journalist and politician. She was a German Marxist* theorist, communist activist, and advocate for women's rights. Until 1917, she was active in the Social Democratic Party of Germany.She launched the international day of 8 March to defend the rights of women towards men !

*Marxism is based on a genuine movement of engagement in class struggle to achieve a classless society based on collective and democratic ownership of the means of production, as a stage after capitalism.

Clara Zetkin liked to write a lot, so she wrote a lot of books that summarized her life's purpose, her biography, she also liked to say quotes like in her book "Memories of Lenin" where she quotes "I want to fight wherever there is life" and there are a lot of them like that. ...she had also lost her husband in 1927 but after 5 years death took her life on June 20, 1933 which moved all the German people so they decided to pay tribute to her by building a statue in her likeness all over the cities.

Clara Zetkin wanted to put an end to gender stereotypes because she saw that there was pressure from men on women...

She fought for the evolution of society and the establishment of the International Women's Day celebration.

Women have been diminished for too long !