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A law to fight


Angela Davis

The 8 March

Gender equality for a sustainble tomorrow

The site of International Women's Day : https://www.internationalwomensday.com

Angela Davis is a

Angela Davis is an american activist, is still considered one of the greatest figures in the fight for Afro-American equality in the United States and has received numerous awards for her commitments. She entered the National Women Hall of Fame in 2019.

The law of August 4, 2014 on equality between women and men, is added a set of measures to promote respect for these rights and the good representation of women in French society.

The Women's Foundation is the reference structure in France for the freedom and rights of women and against the violence of which they are victims. With the donations it receives, it provides financial, legal and material support to other associations.

In 1977, the ONU created the International Women's Day. This day it's celebrate in the world and he is marked by many events and manifestation. It's organized by association or organization like Amnesty International to celebrate achievements of women's rights.Associations take parts of the situation to make hear theirs claims in order to improve the future of women.