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Queen of scots - celebrating her silver jubilee - quotes

Students : RIFFARD Gauvain / LAROSE Gabin

Date : 03/29/2022


Photo analysis

Silver Jubilee


Quotes analysis

Queen of Scots - Julian CALDER

Pedunculate oak

Typical Scottish landscape

Classical scottish royal clothing


“These 25 years have seen much change for Britain. By virtue of tolerance and understanding, the Empire has evolved into a Commonwealth of 36 Independent Nations spanning the five Continents. No longer an Imperial Power, we have been coming to terms with what this means for ourselves and for our relations with the rest of the world.

“We have forged new links with other countries and in joining the European Economic Communities we have taken what is perhaps one of the most significant decisions during my reign.”

In a speech celebrating her Silver Jubilee on May 1977, the Queen noted:

Silver Jubilee

"Thank you also for what you have said about my family and the service they have given over the years. You will understand that for me personally their support has been invaluable."

"The problems of progress, the complexities of modern administration, the feeling that Metropolitan Government is too remote from the lives of ordinary men and women, these among other things have helped to revive an awareness of historic national identities in these Islands. They provide the background for the continuing and keen discussion of proposals for devolution to Scotland and Wales within the United Kingdom."

"I am deeply grateful for your Loyal Addresses and for the kind and generous words in which the Lord Chancellor and Mr. Speaker have expressed them."


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