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2016 - 2019


HEA Phase I

HEA Covid Challenge

End of current funding cycle

HEA Timeline


HEA Phase II launch


Stage One: Virtual Bootcamp

Stage Two: M&E capacity building + scaling strategy development

War Child Holland support

Stage Three:

  • Final 3 grantees selected
  • Evaluations launched (OPM)
  • M&E capacity building programme launched (NYU-TIES)

HEA Community of Practice

HEA CoP Bootcamp (Kenya)

Global Public Goods

dissemination (UNGA)

Evaluations & HEA Learning Synthesis dissemination

HEA post-2022

DFID-funded partnership between UNHCR and UNICEF.

Five grantees supported - up to $300,000 in funding, external process and impact evaluations + mentorship & training in scaling & M&E.

Phase I meta-evaluation & evidence can be found here.

HEA pivot in response to Covid-19.

4 x teams supported to expand tested continuous learning solutions into refugee contexts.

Find out more about the teams from the challenge here

© UNHCR/Antoine Tardy

160 applications across Uganda, Chad, Ethiopia, Jordan and Lebanon

Stage 1: 13 teams selected for virtual bootcamp

5 days of virtual support on scaling, business models, stakeholders & partnerships and M&E

Find out more about the Stage 1 Bootcamp teams here

Stage 3 Finalists profiles

War Child Holland's Can't Wait To Learn programme was selected as a Phase I grantee to receive continued support in Phase II

The focus of HEA support to War Child Holland in 2021 was on improving WCH’s internal management and monitoring tools so that the CWTL implementers, as well as teachers, have enhanced access to understanding how students are learning and can adjust their teaching accordingly.

5 teams selected for Stage Two

6-week intensive mentorship and capacity building programme co-created with Ian Gray, NYU-TIES, and Saving Brains

Modules included:

  • Welcome and Orientation to Stage 2

  • Module 1: Ethics, Participation and Accountability (facilitated by UNHCR Data & Evidence)

  • Module 2: Business models (facilitated by Ian Gray)

  • Module 3: Stakeholders and Partnerships (facilitated by Saving Brains)

  • Module 4: Evidence (Facilitated by NYU-TIES)

  • Module 5: Theory of Scale (Facilitated by the HEA team)

  • Final Workshop (facilitated by the HEA team)

Find out more about the Stage 2 teams here

Bootcamp dates: 18-22 July

Location: Nairobi

Participants: Stage 3 Finalists (iACT, Madrasati, Cohere), mentors, UNHCR EHAGL Regional Bureau colleagues, HEA team, ECW (?).

See slide 7 for more information