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Is the West Coast of the USA the new center of the world ?

The gafam in globalization

Students: Guettou Erine and Clement Ilona

1) The american GAFAM: What are the gafam?

2)Their impact and power: Which power they give to the United States ?

3)The main Innovation Center : How they helped the West coast of the USA to become an inovation center?

01. What are the GAFAM?

The acronym GAFAM stands for five of the most powerful companies in the western interent world.


For your information, GAFAM has a Chinese competitor. They are the BATX; the acronym of Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi.

Nevertheless, GAFAM are multinationals that have helped the USA in the development of their soft power.

03.How they helped the United States to become an innovation center?

Silicon Valley

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UO-8 CM deSHA

  • 6 000 companies
  • 1.5 milion jobs
  • GDP around 500 billion
  • Located in San Francisco

04. Which power they give to the United States in the world?

  • The USA is the most represented country of World thanks to its social medias (such as facebook, instagram, twitter...)

  • Many users per minute so many people are influenced by what they see every day on the internet, which contributes to the cultural impact of the US on the world in general

05. Soft power

06. Brain drain

08. Conclusion

  • Silicone Valley allows the USA but particulary the West Coast to become an innovation center

  • It's influence is helped by the expononential progress of the communication that maintain the networks all over the World

  • But it is imporant to mention the fact that this great power does nbot allow other countries (such as emerging countries) to be put forward, in fact they evolve in the shadow of the USA

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