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Being autonomous on NP6 CM

Session 3/4 remote

Being autonomous on NP6 CM

Session 3 program

  • Presentation of key points seen during the previous session – 10 min
  • Presention of the tree-structures created by attendees – 15 min
  • Good practices for emailing (1/2) – 15 min
  • Quizz - 5 min
  • Creation and personalization of a template from the NP6 default blocks – 30 min
  • Pratical application – 30 min
  • Reminder – 10 min
  • Presentation of the exercice to do for the following session – 10 min

Presentation of key points seen during session #3

Presentation of key points seen during session #3

  • RGPD compliance (transparency, accessibility, simplified unsubscription, database cleaning).
  • Prepare your import on NP6 CM (.txt ou .csv file, anticipate the necessary fields).
  • Segmentation (better deliverability, better ROI).

Exercices presentation

Good practices for

emailing (1/2)

The Objective of an emailing content: create reactions.

Clicks : onsite trafic generation

Conversions : contact request, purchases ...

Loyalty :
create an expectation on the next sending.

#1 Fold

  • Suggest an action from the email opening, without any scroll
  • Careful, the fold can vary according to the messenging services and the device

A CTA reachable

from the opening

#2 Call to action

  • Call To Action = click button.
  • Keep your promises on the wording.
  • Text format, image or GIF.
  • Action verb (I register, I participate, i want a demo...), create urgency.
  • Define a main CTA and secondary CTA.

#3 Text - Image ratio

  • Basic principle : 2/3 of texts and 1/3 of images
  • Anticipate image blocking
  • Fill the images alt tags.
  • Pay attention to the weight of your image !
  • Provide a mirror page link.

#4 HTML and responsive design

  • Email HTML integration: a necessary expertise!
  • NP6 CM default templates.
  • Manage the length of your content (blocking)

#5 Personalization

  • All is personalizable in an email :
      • Texts,
      • Links,
      • Images,
      • Blocks.

  • All is based on the targets information at your disposal

#6 Tests management

  • Verify all the messenging services/devices used by your targets
  • Keep some free time for testing your contents

The NP6 CM campaign Analyzr is directly linked to Litmus.

Any questions ?


Go on menti.com

Creation of a template from default blocks

  • Connect on cm.np6.com
  • Activation >> Action >> Folder
  • Pratical application: template creation


  • A content that encourage action :
    • On site trafic,
    • Conversions,
    • Loyalty.

  • Content good practices :
    • CTA above the fold,
    • Images/texts ratio,
    • Content length.

  • Content creation :
    • Use the NP6 CM default blocks,
    • Anticipate the sending planning and the associated templates

Exercises for the next session

Find one or several examples of efficient emailing contents