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What is freedom of speech?

Freedom of speech means the free and public expression of opinions without censorship, interference and restraint by the goverment

source: wikipedia.com

freedom of speech is also known as free speech

  • they can only be restricted if they are clearly stated in law

  • only people with power can restrict free speech

Are there any restrictions?

Freedom of speech can be restricted by the government if in that way public interests or one's reputation can be protected

Are there any ectreme cases of free speech restriction?

There are people who got imprisoned just because they expressed their opinion

Jabbar Savalan (UK) is one example



1. Riaz thinks that Prince's music derives you from Allah so he does not support Shahid listening to him.

The group of Riaz are islamists which means they live out a very extreme form of the islam that thrives further away from the actual and peaceful religion. They do not accept any other religion and think it is alright to speak up against other religions but do not want to hear anything against theirs.

=They practice free speech but do not accept offense from other free speakers like Deedee who has a different opinion on religion as they do.

Freedom of speech based on the book

The satanic verses

1. The Group of Riaz refuse the book

= free speech is against their believes
2. Deedee and Shahid endorse the novel
= they accept free speech

Why is freedom of speech so important?

nobody wants to get offended by others

some people are using the right of free speech to discriminate others

limit religious freedom

censorship only benefits the ones with power