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What is sexism?

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In how we speak

What is sexism?

  • Prejudice, stereotyping or discrimination against anyone on the basis of someones gender

  • Can include gender roles such as the cliche that women stay home cook and clean while men work

  • In most societies, gender is the primary factor used to determine a person's social standing

  • The belief that one gender is superior to the other

  • Gender Pay-Gab

  • Men and women are affected by sexism but women are the predominant victims of sexism

Saudi Arabia:

  • Women are not allowed to drive
  • Women are not allowed to vote

  • Martial rape is legal if the girl is over 15. In Yemen, it is legal at any age.

  • Abuse is allowed if you are "correcting" your wife

  • If a man marrys the women he kidnapped, he will not be prosecuted (Chemaly, Soraya).

Sexism around the globe



Sexism in the United States

  • 57% of the workforce is women, but only 1,5% of CEO's are women

  • Even "high-achieving" women in the workplace are still assumed to take a majority of the responsibility at home for family.

  • 16,8% of the House of Representatives are women

  • 6 female governors out of 50



Women had an arranged marriage that their father chose.

They had no say in who they married, it was based of how rich the man was.

Girls were only taught how to manage a home and cook.

It was thought that teaching girls to read and write was a waste of time.

History of sexism with women

It is also believed that painful child birth and menstruation were punishments afflicted upon woman of their treachery


Major milestones for women

Elizabeth Blackwell

Sojourner Truth





Delivered her famous "Ain't l a Woman" speech at the Women's Right Convention in Akron, Ohio.

In 1920 American women were given the right to vote with the 19th Amendment.

Elizabeth Blackwell became the first licensed female physician of the United States.

The #MeToo movement was introduced by Tarana Burke to bring unity among survivors of sexual assault. The movement was reintroduced via social media by Alyssa Milano.

Right to vote

Tarana Burke

  • Now, it is not socially acceptable

  • More and more women and men speak out

  • Sexism isn't just against women but also men.

  • Recent studies show that teachers call on boys in classrooms from three to eight times more frequently than they call on girls.

  • In a recent pole taken by the "New York Times" 62% of working women interviewed agreed with this statement: "Most men are willing to let women get ahead, but only if women do all the housework at home first."

Has sexism changed through the years?





How does sexism affect society?

Sexism affects society in a negative way.

The more and more sexism spreads the more we are okay with.

Sexism doesn't only affect the victim but also the eyewitnesses.

For example one sexist man can affect how women feel towards other men.

How does it affect...

  • Harmful workplace experiences
  • Stressed at jobs
  • Sex industry
  • Illegal abortion

  • Long history of social & legal pressure (fight in a war)
  • Physical violence against men is often minimized or seen as normal
  • Scandalous tolerance of rape in prison seems like it's also related to a general indifference to, or even amusement







  • Sexual violence
  • Pay gabs between men and woman
  • Sexual harassment
  • Treated as the weak gender

  • Belief that men should be the sole financial providers to a household
  • Receive custody of children in only about 10% of divorce cases in the US

Do you hear sexism in how we speak?

Things like...

"Can I get some guys to help bring some chairs into the room?"

"Boys will be boys".

"Boys should like cars and play sports".

"Boys should work while women stay home".

"Girls should be smarter than boys".

"That is not lady like".

"IT'S A GIRL!" *gets all pink everything*

"Women should stay home and take care the children".

...are all things commonly said that are sexist.

  • We need to be educated

  • We need to learn how to change peoples mind as well as to teach them to not to be sexist

  • We need to bring understanding to any discussion involving sexism

  • Rationalize

How to Resolve

Indira Ghandi