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Final task

Unit 5 : Fun for tourists in Cardiff !

Look at the two pictures and say what you can.

Cardif Bay

Princes Charles, Prince of Wales, with Welsh children

Unit 5: Fun for Tourists in Cardiff !

In groups, list all you know about activities for tourists and Wales in 2 minutes. The group with the longest list wins.

A visit of Cardiff

1. Watch the video and concentrate on what you see.

2.a. Watch again and pick out the words you know. Underline the repetitions.

b.Watch again and complete your notes in a.

c.Box the names of the different places.

3. Use your notes in 2.a. to make sentences about the information in the document.
Example: Cardiff is the capital city of Wales

workbook p.85

a) Check the weather in Cardiff this weekend.

b) Which day is better to visit Cardiff Bay? And, Cardiff Castle?

Go to your worbook p.86

Activities in Cardiff

a) Watch Oliver at the tourist office and say what you understand.

b) Listen, memorize and repeat.

Then, go to your workbook p. 86