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two thirds of the world's geysers are concentrated in yellowstone , but the park's most iconic figure undoubtedly the fmousold faithul , wich dazzless nearly 9,millions visitors every summer.

A hot spring is a spring where water emerges from the ground at a high temperature, heated by a geothermal process. The water comes from the volcanoes, extinct of course, present in YellowStone. In Yellowstone the hot springs cover an entire area, and it is of course impossible to swim in them because the water is over 300 degrees.

fascinating toners carved by the river name flowing into the largest mountain lake in North America and giving riseto dizzing waterfalls, intriging capturating wildlife.

This is the most popular waterfall in Yellowstone other than the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon. The waterfall is located behind the General Store. During the winter months, the entire waterfall is encased in an ice dome. The name “Tower” is derived from the towering volcanic formations surrounding the top of the falls.

Fishing Bridge is located near the mouth of the Yellowstone River as it exits Yellowstone Lake. Fishing Bridge is a wooden vehicle bridge that once provided an excellent platform from which park visitors could fish for native cutthroat trout, the most caught fish in the river.