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The indoor unit of an Airconditioning System can be controlled either by:

A wired Thermostat:
Mostly found in office buildings
Not Compatible with the tado SACC

A wireless Remote control:
The dominating type of controller for residential air conditioning units.
Can be Compatible with the tado° SACC


The Smart AC Control
works with all air conditioners with an

Infrared remote control

that displays the air conditioner’s current settings
(mode, target temperature and fan speed).

If a Remote looks compatible but uses

Bluetooth or


It is Not compatible


This Remote just shows the current setpoint it does not get any information Back from the AC

When a customer asks for a compatibility check for an AC,
the information from the previous slides can be provided to them by using the following
Saved Reply (SR) in Intercom

1w076 SACC Compatibility Info


If you dont know how or have never used a Saved Reply in Intercom click here to Learn how it works by watching a quick Video

If a customer is unable to confirm compatibility after being provided with the Information you can use

1w077 SACC remote photos

To obtain pictures of the AC remote and do it for them.

Another usefull SR is

1a049 SACC + heating products

It explains How the SACC works in an account that already has tado° heating products installed.