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Electro Swing



What is electro-swing ?

Caravane Palace


The influence

What is
electro swing ?

It is a music genre, created in the 20th century. Electro swing has enjoyed increasing popularity on the dance scene for more than a decade. It's an umbrella term for several subgenres of electronic dance music (EDM) that incorporate elements of vintage swing dance music and jazz. The electro swing genre of music took shape in the early 1990s when vintage swing music was enjoying a revival in the United States and abroad. But it would be another decade before electro swing gained widespread popularity through European artists, such as Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar.


a musical blend


Swing music is a style of jazz that developed in the United States during the late 1920s and early 1930s. It became nationally popular from the mid-1930s. The name derived from its emphasis of the off-beat, or nominally weaker beat. Swing bands usually featured soloists who would improvise on the melody over the arrangement. The danceable swing style was the dominant form of American popular music from 1935 to 1946, known as the swing era. The verb "to swing" is also used as a term of praise for playing that has a strong groove or drive. Musicians of the swing era include Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Count Basie...

Electro is a genre of electronic music and early hip hop. Records in the genre typically feature drum machines and heavy electronic sounds, usually without vocals, although if vocals are present they are delivered in a deadpan manner, often through electronic distortion such as vocoding and talkboxing. This is the main distinction between electro and previously prominent genres such as disco, in which the electronic sound was only part of the instrumentation.


An important and defining part of Electro Swing are also the dancers, who combine different styles with their remix creations and crossover moves to bring together a new cocktail, the “Neoswing” dance. It’s a colorful mix of Swing, Melbourne Shuffle, Lindy Hop, Jive, Tectonic, Charleston and other dances. Many well-known traditional dances are mixed with modern street dances and developed into something new.

Swing dancing developed in the 1920s and 30s in America. In the midst of the great depression dance halls were packed and Jazz music was booming, lifting people’s spirits and providing them with an escape. Originally “Swing” referred to the style of Jazz music, which inspired the dance.

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Caravan Palace is a French electronic band based in Paris. The band's influences include Django Reinhardt, Vitalic, Lionel Hampton, and Daft Punk. The group first met in 2005 when Vial, Payen and Delaporte were asked by a film production company to compose a score to accompany a silent pornographic film from the 1950s. In their early days, the group performed their original compositions on stage at major festivals such as Printemps de Bourges and Solidays. On 20 October 2008 the album Caravan Palace was released. The album was a European success, placing in Switzerland and Belgium. In August 2009, it became the best-selling album in France, and remained in the top spot for 51 consecutive weeks.