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the right stuff


about the movie...

- Philip Kaufman

- 1983

- B
ased on the iconic bestseller by Tom Wolfe.

- Cold War : newly formed NASA.

- Competing to be the first in space.

- New horizon of ambition and hope .

I- what is the message conveyed?

- Perseverance

- Never limit ourselves to our knowledge

- Nothing is impossible

- When you want you can

+ Info

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II- how is space


like the stranger

- Undergo training

- Based on a true story

IIi-what about scientifi mastery ?

Iv- what image about the USA is convoyed?

- show off like heros

- cold war winners

- space conquerors

-self interest because...

-publique interset because...

v- in space matter of slef-interst or publique interst? why?