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A Quiz about: How to write a comment



Which of these things are not in a comment- introduction?

Own opinion

Question 1/10

One argument


What is the most important thing why you write comments in schools?

Question 2/10

To be informed about topics

To have an opinion and be argumentative

To practise your English

How is a argument structured?

Argument, explanation, example

Question 3/10

Argument, example, evaluation

Thesis, argument, evaluation

How you structure your arguments in a two-sided comment?

Question 4/10

Weak, strong (against); strong, weak (for)

Strong, weak (against); strong, weak (for)

Strong, weak (against); weak, strong (for)

In a conclusion, you write...

summary of arguments of your side, own opinion, future outlook

Question 5/10

summary of all arguments, own opinion, final statement

summary of all arguments, opinion of the other side, final statement

How many arguments you write in a one sided comment (how much in two sided)?

Question 6/10

one sided: 2 (two sided: 4)

one sided: 3 (two sided: 4)

one sided: 3 (two sided: 6)

Which of these linking words is not for a comment?

therefor, nevertheless, for example...

Question 7/10

In my opinion...

The title is...

What you do when you notice that your arguments for your opinion are weaker than the arguments of the other side?

Question 8/10

You make strong arguments for your own point, even you changed your opinion now

You write a new comment with the opinion of the other side (change your opinion because you concinced yourself for the other opinion)

You do nothing because time gets over

Which of these sentences is not a argument?

Gender is important for diversity

Question 9/10

Gender is important because it is good in my opinion

A study says that the topic gender devides the sociaty

How was the questions for you?

Question 10/10



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