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The father of modern science









Copernican theorie




Born : February 15 1564 in Pisa

Died : January 8 1642 in Arceti, near Florence

Philosopher, astronomeur and a mathematician

1581 : enrolled at the University of Pisa, where he studied medecine

1585 : left the university without having a degree

Had three children with Marina Gamba

his inventions

He created 4 objects that will revolutionize sciences.

thermometer - 1593 compass - 1597 microscope - 1924 telescope - 1609

It is a prototype of a thermometer.

It doesn't mesure the difference of temperature, it only indicates the temperature.

The geometric and military compass is Galileo's first commercial scientific instrument.

It acted as an early calculator and was used by merchant, sailors and soldiers.

Called "occhiolino" by Galileo himself, it is not the first microscope but an improved version of it.

It magnifies 30 times.

None of his microscope were still used after his death.

His most famous invention even though he is not really the inventor.

He heard about the "Dutch perspective glasses" within days had designed an improved version of it which allows to magnifies up to 20.

The stars of the milky way

Jupiter's moons

The rings of Saturns

Sidereus Nuncius

The phases of Venus

his dicoveries

Craters and mountain on the moon

Thanks to the telescope, Galileo made a few discoveries :

Craters and mountain on the moon

Galileo was able to use the length of the shadows to estimate the height of the lunar mountains, showing that they were similar to mountains on Earth.

3. Jupiter’s moons

The planet Jupiter was accompanied by four tiny satellites which moved around it. These are now known as the Galilean moons: Io, Ganymede, Europa and Callisto.

The stars of the Milky Way

Galileo saw that the Milky Way was not just a band of misty light, it was made up of thousands of individual stars

The phases of Venus

The planet Venus showed changing crescent phases like those of the Moon, but their geometry could only be explained if Venus was moving around the Sun rather than the Earth. This undermined the idea that everything in the heavens revolved around the Earth

Sidereus Nuncius

Galileo wrote a book in 1610, The sidereal Messenger.

He describes his recent discoveries of the solar system.

It is dedicated to Cosimo II de Medici, the Grand duke of Tuscany whom he had tutored in mathematics.

The rings of Saturn

Over several years of observations, he noted that the rings changed shape and even disappeared, as they changed their inclination to earth. A the beginning he thoughts they were giants moons.

1616 : he is forbiddenfrom holding and defending his beliefs

1633 : accused of heresy, he is arrested and can't teach anymore.

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Geocentrism of the Church

Geocentrism is a common belief since antiquity. The church follow this principe too, and decide to prohibit any other Belief because of the interpretation of the bible.

Two trials because of different beliefs

Galilei's problems with the church

Thought by Nicolaus Copernicus in 1543 and publshed the same year.

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Copernican planetary system

It is the birth of heliocentrism, a belief prohibited by the church. The sun is the center of the solar system and the planets move around it.

Formulated by the egyptian astronomer Ptolemy around 150 CE.

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Ptolemaic system

The Ptolemaic system is a geocentric system. It starts by assuming that Earth is stationary and at the centre of the universe. Then, the other stellar objects move around it. It was the system adopted by the church.

The two panetary system theory



Galileo Galilei

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