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Heinz Strunk

by Mai

Es ist immer so schön mit dir


What is the book about?

Main Characters

Who are the main and side characters?

Why did I choose this book?

What fascinates me?
My opinion about the book

Reactions of fans/critics

and why are they controversial?

Comparison and conclusion of the critics

Summarized opinions about the book


Controversy Points

What are the controversy points in the book?


Heinz Strunk

What is the book about?


  • About a man in his mid-40s who is deep in a midlife crisis
  • He is bored with his work as a audio engineer and feels trapped in his relationship
  • At a premiere party the protagonist meets the younger and attractive wannabe actress Vanessa
  • Therefore an old relationship goes to pieces while a new one begins

Main Characters:

The nameless protagonist:

  • in his mid 40s
  • a sound engineer
  • perverted, desperate
  • judgmental
  • rude
  • insecure
  • overthinker
  • alcoholic


  • in her 20s
  • wannabe actress
  • hot/pretty
  • playing hard to get
    • leads the protagonist on
  • ignorant
  • inconsiderate
  • desperate
  • has a eating disorder
  • insecure


  • in her mid 40s
  • a math teacher
  • considerate
  • got her life together
  • sweet
  • smoker
  • calm
  • got a glow-up
  • out for vengeance

Side Character:

Why did I choose this book?

What fascinates me?

  • fast and easy to read
  • easy to remember
  • simple
  • vulgar language
  • protagonists thoughts/his behaviour

What is my opinion on the book?

  • not for everyone
  • refreshing to read
  • particular chapters kept me intrested
  • wish they had more of Vanessa's POV

Controversy Points

  • a great insight in a toxic relationship
  • many interesting topics (grooming, ed,...)
  • well written thoughts of the protagonist

  • some boring chapters
  • confusing time-steps
  • almost every chapter has a sex scene

Reactions of fans/critics

and why they are controversial?

  • positive reactions:

    • "Gut, jedes Buch von Heinz Strunk hat mir bisher extrem gut gefallen. Ich liebe diese Art der Erzählung, vor allem seine geistreichen Vergleiche und genialen Wortschöpfungen."
- Karl Laschnikov

    • "Die Lektüre des Buches, bietet einen Eskapismus in die Höhen und Tiefen einer toxischen Beziehung; Abhängigkeiten, tiefe Ängste, alles oder nichts, dichotom und doch irgendwie verflochten… Zwischen extremer Nähe und extremer Distanz."
- ouhu

  • negative reactions:

    • "Mit diesem Buch kann man sich möglicherweise etwas schwertun. Die Charaktere wirken unsympathisch und verströmen die Ödnis, (...) Die handelnden Personen wirken sexbesessen und doch lust- und freudlos. Man muss sich halt fragen, ob man sich runterziehen lassen möchte."
- walli

    • "Der Fäkalhumor ist pubertär, das Frauenbild unterirdisch, die Metaphern schlecht und sinnlos und lieblos zusammengezimmert."
- kommunikatives.lesen

Comparison and conclusion of the critics

  • a great representation of a toxic relationship

  • the book is like any other tragic-romance book
  • the characters are not relatable
  • many stereotypes
  • it's hard to empathize with the protagonist
  • it's badly written (the humour, the women,...)

The end

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