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Maélie Ozbek

Poveda Victoria 4B

escape game

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our sister is since wanted three day and we are worried , we have to look for her in the city !!!! the baker said she passed by
queen anne st with bike up to middle school . My teacher said she passed by welbeck st north with bike up to he american international university.

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the baker said she passed by queen anne st with


cheh !!


my teacher said she passed the

the welbeck st

the queen anne st

the bentnuck st


again !!
you are a noob !!


our sister was at the cinema ! how did she do? his bike is broken

game over looser

the camera of the cinemas show that she was at the cinema but that she hadn't left the last time that the cameras saw her, she was in the toilet


where is my sister ?

she's asleep in the toilet of the cinema

she's already gone

she's not in the cinema

you will can start again

cheh !!

thanks for playing

you are the strongest dummies

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congratulation teacher

you are the stongest dummies