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The London Bridge, of Roman origin, overlooks the Thames, not to be confused with Tower Bridge, another famous bridge in London.

Buildings on a bridge now seem like a bizarre idea in London but the medieval bridge is recorded as having 138 shops by the mid-14th century. While buildings can be found on bridges elsewhere, thankfully you won’t find the toilet/latrine system that was used here which was essentially space to hang your bum over the edge.

A wooden bridge already existed under the Roman occupation at the time of Londinium, around the year 55 of our era.

It was replaced in the 12th century by a stone structure, built from 1176 to 1209, which has 19 arches. This bridge is built by Isembert (schoolboy of Saintes) clerk of Jean sans Terre and close to Eleanor of Aquitaine.

On July 10, 1212, a great fire broke out at both ends of the bridge. Isembert is said to be the origin of the houses and other buildings built on the bridge which exist until 1770.

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