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this is my presentation on waste


Today we gona talk about



what it is

then someone make another thin of them and use it as well

we make things

what we call recycling ?

we use them

we throw them

Waste types






waste paper

At this data's you can cheackwhat we throw away but can recycle

what we throw away

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Data 4

Data 3

Data 1

Data 2

Waste paper

  • we usually don't use 2 sides of paper
  • we throw away unsuccessful drawings instead of their portions
  • we can you paper to made
paper mass

give him 2th lives instead

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do not throw your trash

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3 For the people behind the Tokyo Medal Project, they’ll be happy that those Olympic medals are there in the first place.

2 As the athletes take the podium and, with a slight bow, have their medals placed around their necks, they will be happy to have landed in the top three.

1 Tokyo Olympics Medals Were Made With Tons of Recycled Smartphones, Laptops Donated by the Public

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what we call

  • Almost the entire car (80 - 95%) intended for scrapping is recyclable
  • Aluminum cans can be recycled an infinite number of times. Processing a ton of aluminum saves 4 tons of ore and 700 kilograms of crude oil.
  • The milk carton has the energy value that allows you to power a 40 Watt light bulb for 1.5 hours


Batteries, fluorescent lamps, used electronic equipment and household appliances should be returned to your local Selective Collection Center or electronic equipment store.

Do not throw away the packaging with its contents.Food leftovers can stain other ingredients, so remove them before discarding.

be eco

do you believe that

The foil bag takes about 300 years to decompose

In Poland, nearly 9 million tons of food is wasted annually.

About 17 trees are needed to produce 1 ton of paper

Worldwide, over a million plastic bottles are sold every minute, i.e. 20,000 every second.

The polystyrene tray takes 500 years to take

Glass packaging can be processed an infinite number of times.

good energy

what is producing

how can we help the earth

for example, let's start using renewable sources of energy

solar panels

Solar panels are readily available and you too can save the earth with them

electric cars

Are a perfect example of caring for the environment


gas vs electricity

Electricy is good and does not release pollution

Gas is bad and releases pollutants

air pollution

the most polluted air in Poland is in Krakow. sometimes the air is so dirty that it is impossible to breathe without a mask.

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we have renewable and non-renewable energy sources




this is a problem

Common sources of e-waste include televisions, computers, mobile phones and any type of home appliance, from air conditioners to children's toys.

in Croatia


What is e-waste?

e-waste in poland

E-waste (electronic waste) includes anything with plugs, cords and electronic components.


Recycling is a preferable option to sending valuable componentry to landfill, but it comes with its own ethical considerations.

Why is e-waste a problem?

Electronics also contain valuable non-renewable resources including gold, silver, copper, platinum, aluminium and cobalt. This means when we dispose of them without recycling, we are throwing away precious materials.

The UK is currently one of the largest producers of household e-waste in the world. When broken or unwanted electronics are dumped in landfill, toxic substances like lead and mercury can leach into soil and water.

  1. Glass
  2. Plastick packaging
  3. rotten food
  4. waste paper


examples of waste

  1. Mobile phones
  2. Light bulbs
  3. Computer components
  4. old cathode ray tubes

examples of e-waste


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