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Isolation & addiction

Hard drugs


01 Definition addiction

02 Definition hard drug

03 Why ?

04 The signs

05 Conclusion

Addiction is a pathology based on the repeated consumption of a product or the abnormally excessive practice of a behaviour that leads to :

- Loss of control over the level of consumption/practice
- Changes in emotional balance
- Medical problems
- Disruption of personal, professional and social life

01 Definition addiction

The development of an addiction is based on three components :

- The individual
- The product
- The environment

The development of an addiction involves three successive stages:

- Pleasure seeking
- A negative emotional state
- Loss of control

The term "hard drug" refers to substances that are capable of causing strong psychological and physical dependence. It generally refers to cocaine and heroin derivatives.

02 Definition hard drugs





- Escape from reality.

- Used as an anaesthetic for feelings, emotions and suffering.

- Use drugs to "forget" or to "decompress".

- Anxiety, relationship problems, past traumas and feelings of unease are often at the root.

- Conducive to the development of dependence.

- Be just a difficult period in life from which the person eventually emerges.

03 Why ?

- Depending on the intensity.
- More or less intense way with consequences in private and/or professional life.
- The whole of daily life is focused on the addiction and the search for satisfaction.
- Cannot resist the urge to satisfy his need to consume.

04 The signs

- The need to repeat the consumption satisfies a lack, a craving and is repeated more and more often.
- The more or less occasional consumption is "use", then turns into "abuse" when it starts to have negative consequences.
- The need to consume takes over the user's life, even if he knows the problems it causes in his daily life.

Addiction affects everyone and can happen to both men and women at any age.
There are some signs that may indicate a problematic use or even an addiction that has already taken hold:

- Changes in appearance and environment
- Regular absenteeism from work, disinterest or lack of punctuality
- Strong mood swings, irritability
- Speech problems
- Problems with memory and concentration
- Complaints about headaches, insomnia, guilt, anxiety or loneliness
- Social and family isolation
- Financial problems
- Changes in physical appearance

04 The signs

Drug dependence has very negative consequences in all aspects of a person's life:
- In relationships
-At work
- On their physical condition
- Mental health.

Lead to legal problems, financial problems and extreme isolation, increasing the risk of depression, anxiety and overdose.

This vicious cycle can become extremely destructive, so it is important to know the signs and symptoms of addiction in order to intervene early and achieve better results.

05 conclusion

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