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Game console industry : The 3 biggest manufacturers of video game consoles

Rate of video game players in France (all platforms) 2012-2020

PS5: 17.3 million units sold

Sony's total revenue worldwide from 2008 to 2020 (billion $)


Nintendo Switch revenue: $60 billion


Unit sales of Nintendo's home consoles from 1997 to 2021 (in millions)*

Microsoft revenue in billions of dollars

November 2020 : XBox Series X/Series S, more than 15 million sold


TOTAL REVENUE-2014 and 2021 ($billion)

Microsoft : 86,83-161

Sony : 68,47-81,83
Nintendo : 5,6-14,4

Best-selling game consoles through 2021

What Makes the Most Money in the Gaming Industry: Video Games, Paid DLC

Example: best-selling video games in 2018 by number of units (all platforms)