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Thank you all for participating in our activities ! We hope you enjoyed it and learned more about corals !

The work carried out by Julian Pihour, Océane Prioul, Anaïs Rossignol and Charlotte Werbeck.

Fun Fact:

On your right, you can see a satellite picture image from the Nasa where you can see very precisely the Great Barrier Reef. On your left, it's a picture who helps you to see the length and location of this coral reef.

Indeed, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef on Earth which began growing 20 000 years ago. Today, she is spanning 2 300 km and covers more than 300 000 square km area next to australian coast.

If you want to know more about corals, please contact this association "WWF"

(https://www.wwf.fr/especes-prioritaires/coraux) which summarizes the current situation. You can also make a donation to support the association in their actions or go to their store where you can find stuffed animals, games and much more !