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Makoko - the floating school


-made out of wood and bamboo

-floated on 250 plastic barrels

> three-storey triangular roof

> winner of multiple awards (architecture, urbanism)

-> attention and acclaim

> new style of architecture
-> meets local needs and practical environmental considerations

-architect is Kunlé Adeyemi of NLÉ Works

-> partnership with many organisation

-built in 2013

-is located in Makoko, a village/slum in Lagos, Nigeria


-designed to function two ways

1. alternative to an original school

2. a community meeting place

“gave Makoko a global profile“


-collapsed during a heavy thunderstorm in 2016 and only the platform was left

>approved a generation plan

-> symbol of bottom-up

- Upgrade the original and built a stronger version

=> MFS2 ( second generation of Makoko Floating school)

=> served its purpose as a prototype and has been used intensively